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New IXIY Hosting 2.0 Website Design

Having our official website running after one year, we’ve decided to alter the design for better site navigation. Here I present you the brand new IXIY Hosting 2.0 design!

IXIY Hosting 2.0

At the top part of the header image, you’ll see 3 links on the right :-

  • CLIENT LOGIN : Login to Clients Area (details in the next post)
  • ORDER : Make a quick order of products and service here
  • SALES CHAT : Have a Live Chat with our Sales Team

At the bottom part of the header image, there are 6 links :-

  • Home : There’s always a home (homepage) for you. :-)
  • Hosting Solutions : All our hosting plans are here
  • Blog : Look for updates in our company blog
  • Contact Us : Drop us a line or two here
  • About Us : A brief introduction of IXIY Hosting
  • Make Money : A few ways to make money with IXIY Hosting

At the bottom of the website, there are another 2 links :-

  • Sitemap : List of all webpages in this website
  • Terms Of Service : Terms Of Service of IXIY Hosting

All links in this new design are tested and should be working fine.
In case you discover any error, please feel free to drop us a comment below.
Your review would be highly appreciated as well.

Hope you like the new design while we continue to improve your hosting experience with IXIY Hosting.

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