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New Animated Affiliate Banner Added

Hi all,

Just a quick update to inform all clients that a new animated banner was added into the Affiliate area.

We currently have 2 versions of affiliate banners : Still image and Animated image.

IXIY Banner IXIY Banner

Just login to the Clients Area and grab any of the affiliate codes under Affiliate area. Put the code into your website to show the banner and start earning.


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Testimonial From 5xmom

5xmom a.k.a. Chan Lilian is our first hosting client since July 2005, who has been hosting with us for almost 4 awesome years and still counting. She has also written a post about our hosting service in her blog too. Below is the excerpt we plugged :-

“I want a reliable hosting which ensure that my sites run 24/7 without downtime because downtime means losing money or worse, having to refund money because ads are not working.”

“Therefore, never compare webhosting packages based on the dollar amount. The main criteria is to find out if the company is reliable. There are fly by night webhosts which disappear over night. There are companies which never bother to reply you. Or cheap hosting where they give you links to read and tell you, “next time read our tutorial before asking, you moron!’ (ok, maybe they never use the word moron but they do tell you curtly the answer is found on their tutorial). Also don’t be fooled with gigantic space which you probably never need at all.”

One of the wise advices from her is that never compare webhosting packages based on the dollar amount. Most of the time, reliability and stability are more important factors to consider rather than having a huge hosting package that is not proportionate to the hosting fee you pay.

Anyway, it’s an honor to have her as our client and we are very grateful for her trust on our hosting service over these years.

Thanks, Lilian!

Check out the full article in her blog.

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Testimonial From Paris B.

We are so glad another long serving client has written us a wonderful testimonial. Below are some excerpts directly plugged from Paris B.’s blog :-

I presently have 3 hosting accounts with Ixiy.com which is saying a LOT about how much I trust them :) I’ve been hosting with them even before they were called Ixiy and here’s my reason why :-

  • Support is based in Malaysia
  • My webhost works magic!
  • Server is hosted overseas
  • Domains come with privacy
  • Hosting is affordable
  • Payment in Ringgit available

I’ve been with Ixiy.com since I started in 2007 and I’m happy where I am. In fact I just renewed my hosting for another year!

Check out the full article in her blog.

Once again, thanks Paris B for all the kind words and praises.

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Domain Discount & Affiliate Promotion Extended

Hi all,

We are currently running the following 2 promotions.

1. Domain discount with FREE domain privacy protection

Normal price : US$19.45 each
Promotion price now : US$13.00 each
You save : US$6.45 each
Promotion ends : 31st March, 2009

We are glad to inform you that we are giving discount for every domain order. From today onwards until March 31, 2009, at only US$13 for each domain registration, domain transfer and domain renewal. On top of the discount, you’ll get domain privacy protection at no charge automatically.

Domain privacy protection will replace all your details in your domain record (including name, address, contacts, etc.) with protected data so that your contact details will not be viewed by anyone publicly. Emails sent to your domain via WHOIS will be routed to a protected email address, then forwarded to your email address. This is to ensure the owner of the domain name can be contacted at all time yet protect your contact details from any misuse.

2. High Affiliation Commission Promotion

For whom? : New and existing clients with valid products (hosting or domain)
Do what? : Refer new client through your affiliate link
For what? : Earn 30% of their first payment
Promotion ends? : 31st March, 2009

We’ve extended the high affiliate commission promotion until March 31, 2009. Below are the steps you need to take to start earning with us.

1. Log in to our Clients Area, activate your Affiliate account and grab your referral link under My Affiliates.
2. You will automatically earn US$2.80 just by activating the Affiliate account!
3. Refer anyone (your friends, relatives, colleagues, classmates, etc) using the referral link and earn 30% from their first payment. Such high commission is only valid till March 31, 2009.
4. Start earn up to US$82.62 per sign up! As easy as that.

We’ve added a 125px X 125px banner into the Client Area so that you can use it to place on your website for your visitors to sign up through your referral link.

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Clients Area For Billing & Account Management

For the past few months, we’ve been doing trial run of our Clients Area to manage orders and invoices. The Clients Area turns out to be a worthy investment for the company as it integrates many useful features for the clients in one area, such as simplifying the ordering process and making client account management easier too. On top of that, all important features in Clients Area are protected by 128-bit secured layer of encryption, so all information will be safely transmitted here.

In fact, many of our clients have been invited to try the new Clients Area since we implemented it. Today, we decided to make an official announcement of the launch of our Clients Area in conjunction with the recent launch of our Affiliate System.

Let’s go through all the main functions of our Clients Area :-

Client Account
Client Account is the place clients may :-

  • update personal details, such as contacts or password
  • add fund into client account so that it can be used for any new order
  • view due invoices
  • view all products/service & domain name with us.
  • view all paid invoices
  • view all emails that we’ve sent out, such as announcement or special offer/promotion

All clients are required to login to the system to be able to view all the above mentioned items.

(Continue reading…)

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quote Testimonial From 5xmom

5xmom (client since July 2005) : I want a reliable hosting which ensure that my sites run 24/7 without downtime… never compare webhosting packages based on the dollar amount. The main criteria is to find out if the company is reliable.

quote Testimonial From Paris B.

Paris B. (client since March 2007) : I presently have 3 hosting accounts with Ixiy.com which is saying a LOT about how much I trust them.